Bringing More Visitors to your Website Series: PART 1 - Content Marketing

Bringing More Visitors to your Website Series: PART 1 - Content Marketing

The biggest mistake made by businesses today with regards to their websites is that the focus is all about them. It is good to be able to grab your target audiences’ attention, which many succeed in doing, however, keeping them interested and desiring what you have to offer; lies the challenge.  The same mistake happens with those who attempt to create their own ads for newspapers, magazines, websites,  social media, etc.  

TIP: It’s not all about you! 
Think powerful content:


  • content that is relevant, purposeful and interesting to your target customer
  • content that is well-researched and comprehensive
  • content that is optimized rich, with search terms your target market is typing into Google


Example of text that could find itself on my website if I didn’t practice what I preached:
« CmonGo Creative is a full-service virtual agency providing quality creative services such as graphic design, brand development, mobile-friendly responsive web designs, and marketing collateral development with messaging that is current, relevant, authoritative and purposeful. We strive to promote high-end communications and marketing pieces that get results.» (YAWN, it’s ok)


Not very interesting or compelling is it? Sure, if you are looking for any of those things you’ll be able to see we do it - but it doesn’t say anything about WHY you might choose us over any of the 1000’s of other web agencies out there who say the exact same thing.  Let's try something more simple and more memorable:


« Want more customers? Offline or online, CmonGo Creative is where you go when you have a need to grow. » (Yes, those are challenges I am facing with my business.)


The key is to know who your audience is and speak clearly to them about why they should choose to work with you, in a way that makes it clear what is in it for them.


Is your web content addressing your target audience’s pains and answering what is in it for them? 


 Stay tuned over the next few weeks when we talk about what makes content shareable, types of online content and writing for the web.