How we’re supporting local businesses

At CmonGo Creative & Associates our core purpose is to drive local economies. Fifty percent of the world’s employees work for small and medium businesses.  Small businesses fuel the world’s economies, they invest in our communities, they unlock economic opportunities, create jobs, and grow the middle class. They make our communities worth living in.

COVID-19 is putting a disproportionate strain on local economies. We are here to help.

How will we do this?

We intend to help local businesses in these ways:

    1. Project #PartnerRemote will provide free tools to facilitate remote work and commerce on our Business Centre platform.
    2. Project  #LocalBusinessOnlineToolkit  will  provide a set of tools that you can use  free of charge to help you, our local business customers conduct  business online.
    3. Project #TeachDigital will help our business customers to learn and teach their employees digital skills.
    4. Project #BusinessResources  will provide curated actionable free resources to help businesses survive and thrive.

Here are more details on how and why these initiatives will help local business partners during this difficult time.

    1. Project #PartnerRemote. We understand local businesses will not be able to operate normally. In order to help, we are going to add remote tools to help you operate efficiently and productively. These tools will include the ability to integrate their phone systems, book and host remote meetings, screen share, and  communicate effectively with potential customers.
    2. Project  #LocalBusinessOnlineToolkit.  Many small businesses that are not online and e-commerce enabled are being  disproportionately affected. The situation is dire for these small  businesses. For many, the choices are to close or move online. Moving  online is often viewed as expensive, time-consuming, and virtually  impossible. We will  help these  businesses get online, book appointments, and transact. We are going to  provide, at no charge, a number of e-commerce enabled  packages that will include a basic e-commerce enabled website,  reputation management, customer voice, social media marketing,  advertising intelligence, messaging and appointment booking.
    3. Project #TeachDigital.  Many small business employees will have extra time on their hands. Businesses will receive training materials and courses from us, enabling them to learn digital marketing and e-commerce skills. This will help businesses do the work themselves and we will be ready to help with more digital services when the time comes.
    4. Project #BusinessResourcesOur businesses customers are looking for resources they can trust to help them cope with the situation and it is overwhelming. We are going to do our best to provide curated actionable  free resources to help them survive and thrive.

To all our partners and customers, if you are reading this and want to learn more or want to participate please reach out to Gilles Paquette at 289-270-3390 ext. 225

Stay safe and #ProtectLocal

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