Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms globally for good reason. If you want to bring your retail business online, or better your online sales, Shopify is one of the most recommended options, because it is quick to set up and simple to use. However, the tool now has deeper features that can help boost your business in a more sophisticated way. If you’re on the fence about getting a Shopify store, here are some of the benefits that might sway you to get started. 

Built-In Campaigns 

When you’re getting started with your first online store, running a campaign to promote it may seem a little daunting. That’s why Shopify offers marketing tools that can help you understand paid ad strategy and implement the best campaign for your business. Marketing in Shopify lets you create campaigns with Facebook and Google Smart Shopping, both of which can help you capture more traffic and sales. All you need to do is set a daily budget, and Google’s smart technology creates your campaign from the website and optimizes your budget for you. Shopify will also measure the success of these campaigns, so that you can assess if they are working for you. 

Along with Facebook campaigns and Google ads, Shopify also connects you to email marketing tools that can help you promote your store directly in your customer’s inbox. 

Target Your Audience 

You have a select audience in mind when you market your product and connecting with that audience is essential to your success. Shopify has several tools to help you find the audience you’re looking for and get them to your store. 

Shopify offers a built-in blog where you can focus your content marketing and SEO efforts. The platform also offers SEO tools that you can use for your product details, as well as the title tags and meta descriptions of pages, two key elements to ensure SEO success. 

Shopify also connects with your social media audiences to help bring them to your store. And it offers tools to help you build your audience on social media, so that your store can be more successful overall. Check out the resources offered through Shopify Compass to learn more. 

Marketing Automation 

As your business grows, you and your staff may have less time to keep tabs on your marketing processes. Shopify has a virtual marketing assistant, Kit, that can automate many aspects of your marketing for you. It can handle your demographic targeting for your campaigns and has several free tools to help improve your email marketing. 

If you’re willing to invest in some of Kit’s paid features, the tool can create Instagram ads, recover lost sales, use ad retargeting, and even leverage positive reviews that you have received from customers. Kit will text you to reach out about the marketing plans she has for you, or to ask for information that she needs to know in order to automate more effectively. 

Shopify has the tools that businesses of all shapes, sizes and stages need; from just getting started with basic campaigns, to learning about more advanced topics, to letting AI handle some of the workload for you. Looking for a company to help you make the most out of Shopify? Give the team at CmonGo Creative & Associates a call. We’ll help you maximize your online leads and boost online sales.  

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