Digital Marketing to Gen Zs- Top 5 things You Need to Know

Digital Marketing to Gen Zs- Top 5 things You Need to Know

As our technology continues to evolve and innovate, marketers and advertisers must be ahead of the e-curve to continuously keep up with the trends, marketing channels, and reach their desired audience. And as the latest generation ages - Gen Zs - digital marketing is not only a nice to have, it's a must have.

With two Gen Z daughters in the house, this marketing dad needs to keep up with both my daughter's demands and my clients. Here are my Top 5 tips to consider when creating your digital strategy to this very intuitive and digitally savvy audience.

#1- Keep it personal

Young consumers crave in-person settings more than brands think. But they expect an immersive and interactive experience, not simply a place to make a purchase.

#2- Keep it seamless

More than any prior generation, Gen Z expects seamless experiences across all channels

Interesting statistics about Gen Z and how they respond to your digital marketing

#3- It's OK to know them a little

Gen Z is less likely than other generations to object to companies having their personal data. However, it's important that you don't take advantage of their personal data just because you have it - they want you to know them and market to them, if you can meet their needs.

#4- Be a good corporate citizen - and tell them

Climate change, social justice, and responding to world events are very important conversations to have with Gen Z. This generation will cut their personal spending (approximately 33% of Gen Zs do this) and 31% look for brands who support societal causes (31%), donate goods (31%) and money (30%).

#5- Consider all channels, not just the traditional social ones

YouTube isn't only for video sharing. 49% say they obtain their news and information from YouTube vs. 37% of millennials

Gen Zs are an exciting demographic that will shake things up in the digital marketing space. Partner with your digital marketing firm to ensure your products, ideas, and services strike the right chord and have you stand out. 

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